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Sunday, March 2, 2014

IDEEA Conference Summary

This weekend I attended the annual Idaho Environmental Education Association Conference in Boise.  I have attended once before, and it was a meaningful experience so I was excited to return.  The theme was EE in the backyard and beyond, so I decided to submit a proposal to present about the Declo STEM Day.  I was pleased with the interest that teachers and nonformal educators showed in my message that parents can be so effective as partners at our schools.  I know I really don't have a classroom of my own, so I try to support other teachers by providing resources and energy that benefit our kids. 

The conference was great because we have some passionate educators throughout the state that share their stories and talents with us.  I went on a field trip to a Bird Preserve that a local Audubon Society chapter was working to improve and restore.   We took a night tour of the MK Nature Center.  We heard from retired Idaho teacher and astronaut, Barbara Morgan.  I saw good friends and met a few new friends.  I am grateful for the time I spent in Boise. 

A side trip was to Bonneville Point, where Captain Bonneville arrived in the Treasure Valley with his expedition, and when he saw the trees in the valley below, he said, "Le Bois, Le Bois" which translates into The Trees.  Or so the story goes...

A small group of us attended the evening trip to the MK Nature Center.  It is a great site in Boise...reminds me of my GHS Ecology Center so much!!

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